H-Vision Process

Data Management

H-Vision is a multi-user, multi-site, multi-quantity system. It measures every type of consumption, such as thermal, water, and electric. Its fields of application are many: factories, solar power plants and wind farms, public and privately-owned buildings, healthcare facilities, and in general power-hungry energy consumers.

Transmitted to the cloud

H-Vision uses its CLOUD system to transmit the measurements it has taken, so that they can be viewed at any given moment. The system does not require the installation of special software, but merely an Internet connection, which further increases its versatility.

Received by devices

H-Vision can be viewed on any device that has an Internet connection. Simply navigate to our dedicated, highly secure portal and input your access credentials. You can monitor every quantity the system is set up to measure in real time from your account.

data analysis

The multitude of data collected by H-Vision are analysed by a team of professionals, who, by means of feasibility studies, predictions, operational plans and the study of trends over time make it possible for the company to plan the best optimisation strategies.

optimisation operation

Our technicians can propose various optimisation operations after the data analysis: contractual, plant management, equipment overhaul, structural works on facilities, equipment replacement.

maintaining efficiency

The optimisation operations recommended by our technicians based on the data collected and analysed may be of different types: contractual, facilities management, equipment overhaul, structural work on facilities, equipment replacement.

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