Drives & Automation

For thirty years we have been supplying not only components, but above all complete solutions for industrial automation throughout the Italian national territory, combining the range of Drives and PLC products with the quality and punctuality of our service.

Thanks to the continuous commitment to the research and design activities of the parent company, we have constantly expanded and renewed our range of products dedicated to industrial automation.

Water Management

We are a team of specialized professionals who have been working in the field for over 20 years. Our primary goal is the identification and elimination of the main causes that determine inefficiencies in the water networks.

To achieve this, we use an integrated approach, focused both on the control of losses and on the energy savings deriving from the improvement of the pumping systems.

Our activities allow us to significantly increase the efficiency of water systems and the useful life of the plants, offering solutions with extremely competitive payback times.

Energy Efficiency

To address the issue of energy efficiency, we rely on the principle that in an energy transformation, whether it is operated on electric machines or heat production systems, it is important to pay attention to the efficiency, or rather the effectiveness of the transformation itself.

For this reason, we operate with an industrial approach based on a scientific method, H-Vision, which is developed according to a step by step logic: 1. Measure - 2. Interpret - 3. Act - 4. Maintain

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